I'm in Downtown Lawrenceville with Mayor Judy Jordan Johnson and fabulous teacher Patsy Price. We're sitting in the back of a truck at the Bed Races.


Georgia House of Representatives

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The Georgia Department of Transportation developed a ten year plan to repair infrastructure, build new roadways, and complete special projects.  Many upcoming projects are listed on their website: www.GAroads.org

Some Significant Legislation:

The "Georgia Right to Try Act" passed out of the House unanimously. This would give terminally ill patients access to experimental drugs and procedures that have only passed Phase 1 of the FDA's three phase approval process.  Phase 1 passage means the drug has met safety precautions. It can take as long as ten years to pass all three phases.  If the bill clears the Senate and survives Governor Deal's veto power, Georgia will be the 25th state to have a bill that could offer Georgians life-altering treatment.

An interesting bill passed  is the "truth in advertising" bill for physicians.  The bill states that a physician cannot advertise or hold himself or herself out to the public in any way as being certified or board certified in a specialty field unless certain strict criteria are met. 

 I carried legislation for the protection of senior citizens who have care givers in their homes. I also passed legislation to help students with the HOPE Scholarship.  It has been my great honor to serve you.

You are always welcome and encouraged to visit my office in room 507 of the Coverdell Building across from the Capitol.  Please remember that I love to have students Page for me.  They have to be between the ages of 12 and 18. Students work in the House Chamber for one day and they are counted present at school.  They even earn $10 for their hard work! To be a Page, visit the Georgia House of Representatives home page (house.ga.gov) and click on "House Page Program."